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Chaos in the Rock Garden:  Putting Theory into Practice

This is about rock garden design and how it relates to natural landscapes and preferred plant habitats.   Here is an online review from the Siskiyou Chapter of NARGS. Next presentations March 6, 2018 Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society, Qualicum Beach, BC.  Plus October 13, 2018 SRGC Discussion Weekend, Pitlochry, Scotland

King Laurin's Garden:  Following in the Footsteps of Reginald Farrer in the Dolomites

This talk uses quotes from Farrer's 1913 book on the Dolomites and illustrates some of his key points.

The Pyrenees in Perspective:  From Andorra to Gavarnie

This presentation features hiking in the Pyrenees and focuses on alpine endemics such as Androsace ciliata. 

From Rhododendrons to Rock Gardening: A Rewarding Journey

This is a general talk about starting rock gardening and how to build and plant rock gardens. 

The Joy of Sax

Growing Saxifrages in the rock garden with reference to natural wild habitats in the Alps, Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and North America.  Last presentation March 12, 2016

Photographing Alpine Plants:  A Landscape Point of View.

A method for photographing alpine flora that emphasizes the plant habitat More information here.

Last presentation May 3, 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah

Alpine Jewels of the Olympic and Wenatchee Mountains.

Endemic alpine plants of Washington State in their spectacular habitats.

Last presentation March 2, 2017,  Port Alberni, BC.  Next presentation October 14, 2018 SRGC Discussion Weekend , Pitlochry, Scotland

In the Valley of the Ancient King

Explorations in the Maritime Alps to find Saxifraga florulenta

Picos de Europa:  An Alpine Garden in the Cantabrian Mountains

Featuring endemic Saxifrages and spectacular Orchids.

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